Thursday, October 30, 2008

The end of the week stress is starting to set in.  Most people work the traditional nine to five monday through friday schedule.  The weekend is a time to lay back and relax.  Not me!  The weekend is when things start to get frantic!! 

Today was my day off which only means I didn't have class.  We spent the day running errands cleaning house and doing all the things that have been neglected all week.  On top of that I had to take the little man to get his portrait taken in his costume...ok i didn't HAVE to.  Somewhere between carrying the laundry into the house and trying to wash the dishes and explaining to the little guy why exactly he couldn't throw the big bouncy balls in the house that it hit me.  This was not a job meant for one person.  I have never been a married parent or even a parent part of a couple I have since day one been a single mother.  I never knew anything different.  People commend single parents and I think what's the big deal?  Its not THAT hard.  In truth its manageable.  But if you let yourself really sit down and think about how much more you could accomplish with a partner's down right depressing.  

It was this moment that my little guys dad called to inform me he was coming over early to pick him up.  Which meant waking a two year old up from a nap and getting him dressed.  That was the moment I rethought my previous statement. Maybe it would be easier to do it all alone :)

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Leigh said...

I, too, had my son at the tender of age of 18. My son will be turning 7 on the 26th. I have always been a single mom, up until November 15th. I was recently married. Wow, what a big help my husband is. My sons dad hasn't really ever been involved in his life, so going from one extreme to the next, well it's safe to say it was kind of a doozy. If you ever want to talk....I just started blogging myself. Not that great of a writer, but I still like to write from time to time.

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