Wednesday, October 29, 2008

here it goes..

So here it goes my first blog post:)
I live in a small town with my two year old little man.  I am currently going to school to get my bachelor in philosophy...don't ask what I am going to do with that.   I still am unsure!  I work part time at a small town bar. (my education never ends there)  

So why a blog?  Everyones wondering I know. Why is this single mom who goes to school and work and chasing a crazy two year old taking the time to write a blog?  Because I want to! yep! you heard it here! I knew I needed something separate, a project that was completely mine, so here it is my outlet.  You get to watch me rant and rave and share all of my small triumphs.  
so get ready
the ride begins...

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