Friday, January 16, 2009

Ann coulter

Ann coulter is the author of six New York Times best sellers.  She is a major republican and has written many books bashing democrats.  I can let that go.  Everyone has their right to an opinion.  This is America after all.  

Her latest book is not about bashing democrats but single mothers.  Blaming the crime rates and violence in America on single mothers themselves.  I always try to look at all sides of an issue.  Try to understand where they might be coming from.  While I understand maybe her research proves a thing are too I don't understand what her research solves.  I am having trouble taking it all in.  


Check out my 5mins post today.  Give me your incites.  I could sure use them.

While you are at it check outthis mommas response.


Leighann said...

Was that a Freudian slip that you said "incite" instead of "insight?"

Fearless Mom said...

it's sad, she's just discrediting herself. no one's going to listen her anymore.

messyfunmommylife said...

it wasn't a freudian slip but lets tell people that :)

Wendy said...

Sorry, I couldn't watch the whole clip; don't like that show 'cause everybody talks over everybody else.

I don't know where she got those statistics from; for all I know 80 or 70% (or whatever it was) of all inmates do come from single mothers. But I never heard what the percentage of children of single mothers is who didn't go to jail. (Not entirely sure I worded that correctly...) I'm sure you do a great job! I would think that the inmates she was talking about have mothers who either didn't care enough to raise them right or had issues of their own (drug abuse, etc.)

Being a parent is a hard job... I imagine being a single parent is even harder!

Anonymous said...

really, the issue is more about how the absence of fathers is hurtful to little children - no matter what the circumstance of why and how ann coulter angles it. even though she does speak truth and has some merit - you just love your little boy and give him your heart and you are doing all that you can. don't let this bother you.

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