Thursday, January 15, 2009

my adventure in vegetarianism

I decided to take on peta's go vegetarian for thirty days.   I didn't make it.  I made it two weeks and quite frankly it was easy.  I felt better moved faster and loved it.  After two weeks I thought: I wonder if I could go vegan? You know see how far I could really go.  Vegan lasted two days when I gave up vegetarianism all together! Even though it didn't work for me I found some REALLY good food.  I tried new recipes discovered new products.  Yes last night I did get asked: Where do you BUY your food at?  I have weird random healthy food filling up my refrigerator but Im telling you its GOOD!

I am going to post a couple of recipes up tomorrow that I promise your kids will love! Aiden drank soy milk like it was candy and fell in love with vegi-dogs.  

Also my giveaway is STILL going on! 

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