Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Next month is Aidens birthday.  I still cannot believe that he will be three years old.  It seems like yesterday I was going to the hospital to have him. Ok I realize I am getting all sappy mom on you here.  Really, where does the time go? How did he grow up so fast? Its astounding to me.  This is his first birthday picture...oh how he has changed..

My site makeover is still going on. Unfortunately there have been some technical difficulties.

I started a new column over at Lipstick to Crayons momspiration. I am looking for successful moms to interview! If you are interested email me at cassieboorn@hotmail.com.

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Chris said...

I like your sappy mommy posts. You remind me of myself when the boys were little like that. In fact my Loughin is 8 and will be 9 in February and I still get all sappy about him growing up. I'm not so sappy about Blake (he's 14) anymore just mostly in shock at what an actual man he is turning into. So you go on girl and be sappy. I love it.

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