Sunday, November 23, 2008

a little early..

Give Away Time!!!

So here is the deal! I am giving away this package of Avon care products! They will help you relax and look beautiful this holiday season! Simply post a comment with your answer to this weeks question. (along with your link or email) I will draw on Friday for a winner!  

(If I get a large enough response I may do this every week until Christmas! so spread the word)

Question of the week:
What is your worst mothering moment?
be creative!


MoziEsmé said...

Oh I love being a mother, so this is hard! The worst for me was probably in the beginning, when I was pacing the floor for hours every night trying to get my baby to sleep and wondering on earth I had gotten myself into - lack of sleep playing a large role on my emotions.

Or maybe it was last Saturday when my baby sprayed ammonia window cleaner in her eyes. Or earlier this year when I had to call the poison control center after she ingested some probiotics that I had handed to her because she was demanding it, figuring she wouldn't be able to get the stuff out of the bottle.

Courtney said...

Worst mommy moment for me had to be when we were on vacation in Florida. It was 4th of july and my 2 year old had just got out of the bath. He was trying to get a towel out of the closet but i thought he was just playing so i tried to shew him off as i was closing the closet (it was one of the folding ones) and i couldnt get it to shut so i pushed it really hard and as i did i heard my son scream in agony. I pinched his finger in the door. Ripped his entire fingernail off and blood was everywhere. We rushed to the ER and my baby missed the fireworks. I was angry at myself for not making sure his fingers were out of the way. That was the worst mommy moment ever.

Jennifer Wilson said...

I hope this is fair, as the story is from my pre-step-mommy stage.

Last Christmas, my now-husband and I had been officially dating for just a few months. We really wanted to be together on the holiday, so we pushed forward with our plans to spend it together. The custody arrangement with his ex dictated that the kids would stay Christmas Eve at his house and be transferred to her at 11am on Christmas Day. That meant I would be there for Christmas morning with the kids.

There was a bit of awkwardness, but we thought it went as smooth as could be expected. Until that night.

We had immediately driven to see my family for the rest of Christmas Day. On our way back that evening, the younger child called his dad in tears. He was so upset that I had been there for their first Christmas morning as a divorced family. The plan had been for me to stay through New Year's Day, but he begged his dad that I not. He just wasn't ready, nor was his brother.

It was a sad, sad time for all of us... and my first real opportunity to learn that the kids ALWAYS come first, not matter what.

Lauren said...

My daughter had a teacher from hell last year in 6th grade. She was doing a world travel project that about drove me into the nuthouse. After spending hours with her helping get all the info she needed online she announced it was being done wrong. I lost it and actually ended up smashing my hand through the glass of a curio cabinet. I have never lost my temper like that before and hope I never will again.

Jackilyn said...

My worst moment? When my son, Bink, was just 9 months old I scheduled to have a special photograph taken to be published in newspapers. But what I didn't know was that the photographers were actually a trio of bank robbers and they held my son for ransom! But my son was very smart and mischievous when he was younger. He put those robbers in their place. He was in a lot of dangerous situations that day. I felt really bad for my baby's day out.

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