Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The hardest thing I have found yet to do as a single mother is take a bath.  We live in an apartment that doesn't have a shower.  I have no choice but to take a bath each and every morning.  I have tried everything from bribing Aiden to sit on the couch to bringing toys in the bathroom for him.  Still I find him standing next to the bath tub asking question after question.  With each response I get the same reaction WHYYYYY!  I wait for the day when climbing into a hot bath is relaxing. When reading a book in the bathtub is a realistic idea.  Sometimes I sit in the tub myself saying WHYYYY! :) 

p.s. I got a new hair-do what you think???


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Oh honey. I can only imagine trying to bathe (in a tub!) with a 2yo hovering! It does get better, but I'm sure that's tough to picture right now. What did I do with mine when they were that young? My first liked TV, so I'd plant him on my bed with a show while I bathed. If he's not a TV kid, you could give him some fascinating thing like a baking pan full of rice with measuring cups to play with. Or lacing cards, or blocks... I think I'd find something that interested my kid more than talking to ME.

Of course, nothing may work. Fortunately, phases pass quickly at this age. Sometimes it's just one day at a time.

BTW, thank you for your visit to my blog and adding me to your blogroll. I really appreciate it.

Courtney said...

Very very cute! I so know what ya mean about the relaxing beth. I have been waiting on it myself.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You look great!


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