Friday, November 7, 2008

My first blog on 5 minuets of parenting is up today! check it out! I have to say I was extremely nervous after I wrote it.  It seemed like I was barring a little bit of my soul but after all of the loving comments I see that many of us mothers share the guilt we feel inside.  It is good to know I am not alone!  

Aiden's father decided he wants joint custody of Aiden.  I find myself questing my parenting methods more now than ever before.  It seems like I have try extra hard to prove that I am the mother I should be.  I am trying to be calm and know that everything will turn out for the best but it is hard to be sure.  Keep us in your thought!

love love love
and thanks for the comments!


Courtney said...

Read you post on 5 min and loved it. I will kepp you guys in my thoughs!

Jason said...

Wow... I came here via Soy Is The New Black, and I'm glad I did. I can sympathize with a lot of what you're going through, because we tend to be the youngest parents around. It's hard not to feel judged sometimes.

Cynthia said...

Hope everything works out for you all! Your son is adorable!

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