Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 is coming to an end.  I alway get depressed on new years.  It is not that I have regrets of the year past but simply that it is over.  I am very bad with endings.  In remembrance of this past year I am here to discuss the many accomplishment I have made this year.  Tonight is sure to be full of dancing drunkeness so I better get it out of the way before they start pouring the champaign!
This year I have:
-let go of all the expectations other people have of me
-realized that I am a great mother and a fabulous friend
-made it through my first semester at a big university
-learned that I am much more insightful than I ever knew
-changed my major
-kissed my little man seventeen billion times
-learned to let go of the little things and enjoy life as is
-made a budget
-went over budget
-started blogging-
-made it through one of the biggest challenges I had yet faced
-let go of love that was bad for me
-let go of all the people who were brining me down
-lost twenty five pounds! Go me!
-went vegetarian for three weeks
-vegan for three days
-celebrated Aidens second birthday
-met Brett Miachals
-went to my very first concert
-laughed with friends
ok that will do for now.
It has been a good year, next year will only get better. I wish you all a Happy New Year!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy New Year !!!

Chris said...

Happy New Year!
I get depressed at the end of the year too. It does have a lot to do with some regrets of things I didn't do and also for me a saddness of how fast the time is passing and how quickly the boys are growing.

A few of my favorite things!