Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was forced to go back for a second shopping trip yesterday.  We ended up two hours from home when an ice storm broke out.  We visited with some friends and waited out the snow.  We finally arrived home exhausted and overworked at eleven o'clock last night.  I have two finals today.  I am pretty sure I just failed my first one and am currently preparing for my second now.  However, I do not feel guilty.  It is strange for me not to feel bad.  I feel bad when I'm late, tired, sad, when I  don't get the laundry done, don't do the dishes, forget something at work, don't call someone back.  In other words I feel bad for EVERYTHING.  This week I decided to give it up.  Boycott the guilty feeling.  It is finals week (most stressful week of the semester) Aiden became a big brother (another stressful situation) the christmas tree is up, the presents are bought.  I have given up meat and pop.  I wrote my blog and quite frankly I have little energy left for guilt.  So I gave it up.  I will do what I can no more no less.  If i fail one test so be it.  If I forget one phone call life will go on. It is refreshing.  I am not sure how long it will last, but try if.  You might just enjoy it.

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Lauren said...

Guilt is a really stupid emotion. I've been overwhelemd by it for a very long time but no more. My new saying is "It is what it is". Life is too precious to spend time feeling guilty for little things. Smile and feel blessed by the joy that is your son. The rest is not important.

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