Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ring Leader

Sooo I ran across this little drawing the PBN is hosting! They have partnered up with big tent  and are giving away a $250 gift card to Target! Who wouldn't want to win that? So the question they are asking is: What will I being doing in 2009 to make my "circus" easier, better, and just plain more manageable?  I love this question because quite frankly I am not doing the best job at circus leader lately! This circus is a mess! So here is my plan:

1) Consolidate: Get rid of all the things we don't need.  We do not need 12 pairs of shoes or 700 balls rolling around the house.  I want to take all of the things we don't need and give them to Goodwill.
2) Find a place for everything: I am tired of searching around the house for things.  Everything should have a home!
3) Keep a calendar: Lets face it I have to many things going on to not write things down!  I want to start writing in my date book so I don't you know...miss a doctors appointment?
4) Make a system:  I have a desk and a filing cabinet.  I have more storage than any women I why is everything piled on my desk?

That is all I have come up with so far! lets face it I have a long way to come!  Baby steps anyone?

What are you going to do to make your circus run a little smoother?

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Merrily Down the Stream said...

I am going to get you to come to my house after you have perfected this whole thing!!!

A few of my favorite things!