Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

We have been home hanging out all day long!
I think we have played with every Christmas present he got.
(since he was gone all weekend we had to make up for lost time!)
I am still exhausted from Christmas followed by a long weekend which got me thinking today.
Times that I wish I was married when:
-I desperately need a nap
-I return from the store and find out I need dish-soap
-I realize how badly the trash needs taken out
-I have to carry four bags of groceries inside while entertaining a toddler
-I want to take a bath and read a good book
-I am trying to throw out some of this kids toys
-Aiden throws his toys I am throwing out all over his room
ok ok ok 
enough venting
I really do enjoy being a single mom
I enjoy the intimacy I share with my son and the bond we have created
However, I wouldn't mind a nanny?

So it is your turn!
If you are married: I wish I wasn't married when:
If you are single: I wish I was married when:

Lets see what great answers we can get!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

I wish i wasn't married when...
-I am picking up my husbands clothes that he cant seem to put in the dirty clothes hamper!
-I am picking up the dirty dishes that he leaves randomly placed about our house!
-I can't get a nap because he is busy playing his Xbox!
-I wake up and realize that he forgot to take out the trash and it is spilling over into the floor!

I think that is good for now lol!

A few of my favorite things!